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by Martin Dust


The lakes are located on the Maidstone Road Nettlestead, Nr Paddock Wood, Kent ME18 5HR



On Saturday the 12th may I went to Mousehole lake's to do a review of the lake's there.

I had herd few good things about this place from from people on Facebook and to how nice it is there and seen a few fish caught and thought to my self is this the place I see 7 years ago as it was not what I see all them years ago.


I arrived there at 7am and was met by Dave the owner as he was on his way out and would be back shortly he told me there had been a few fish out including a couple of 30's out on Friday.

I carried on down the track to the car park and parked up, there is a small slope from the car park to the lake where is was greeted with a very big surprise gone are the two hole's in the ground in a muddy field, To now what could only be described as a well set out Kingfisher lake.

At the top of the slope near to the first swim there is a canteen that sell some very nice food from 7am and every thing from burger or hot dog to a proper full breakfast and a proper dinner to be had and nice it is to, also tea and coffee and soft drinks and not cheap horrible coffee either. didn't use my kettle all the time I was there.

From all the places I have fished that has food cooked on site this has to be the best and is cooked by Dave's wife Jo.

Next to the canteen there is a small room that has a table and chairs that you can sit and eat your breakfast / dinner in comfort with out having to make the mad dash back to your bivvy if the weather is bad. In here there is power points where you can charge up your mobile if needed and also a microwave and a kettle put out at night so anybody who is night fishing can make a free cup of tea or coffee.


When I was walking round the lake there is good pathway all the way round the lake and all the swims are of good size. The lake has two islands a small on at the canteen end and a larger one two thirds of the way down. There is only fishing down each side of the lake which is good as that means no more of that people casting across your line from the bank to your left or right.


On site there is a match lake (Swift lake) that has 11 swims on walking around there was plenty of small fish seen feeding off insects on the surface.



There is also a specimen lake being built which will have six swims on it so that all swims will have a good bit of water to fish and the island bank to cast to and is to be planted soon I was told whilst I was there. And just from walking round part of it looks very nice with a large island in the middle and a few under water features.


I spent my 36hr's on Kingfisher lake with my son on pegs 22/23 which is the last swims on the lake and gives casting to the island from 22 and from 23 its up the side of the island and along the bank to the right which has some over hanging trees and small holes that are easy to cast into and it also gives you a bay to your right which shallows of has been known for the carp to come in there taking dog biscuit and bread off the top. The first thing I got set up was my boy's rod's around 10.30am and not long after he cast them out was getting plenty of line bites but didn't get any action till 5.40pm,

when he had a right stormer of a run after a 10 minute battle lands a nice 15lb 13oz common and a new PB for him which made him very happy. Then at 6.40pm he was into another this time with a nice 2lb 6oz common.

Later that night there was definitely carp feeding in the swim but could I get a bite NO.

then at around 12.30 am my alarm starts bleeping yes I was in to a carp but all was to be short lived when the hook link broke my other rods had the same hook link on so I pulled them in as well.

On Sunday after a nice coffee from the canteen to wake me up it was back to the bivvy and get the rods out only to get line bites again while my boy bagged another 2 carp both commons of around 2lb. And O boy was he happy not only a new PB from a new lake but yet again to beat his dad. Whilst packing up and the rods still out I had fish topping in the margin to the right of me so instincts kick in cast to showing all to no avail I could not get a bite.


It was a bit slow over the weekend a few other fish came out at the other end of the lake with Jack Thompson bagging a 24lb 4oz common at the end of his day session.

And couple of other 20's being landed over the weekend as well to others that was there.


After packing up and load the car up it was back to the canteen for a last coffee before and a chat with Dave and Jo before we left for home only to look out and see more fish topping at that end of the lake.


All in all Mousehole lakes has a lovely Kingfisher lake which is good not only for able angler's but the disabled too. Its a family run lake where Dave treats all that fish there with respect and honesty.

I found there hospitality very good and the food is top class.


If you want a good chance of catching a 30lb carp from a nice well run and very clean and tidy lake then Mousehole lakes is the place to go. I will be going back soon that is for sure.


Tickets prices are


SWIFT LAKE (match lake)

day ticket £7 1 rod



Day ticket is £10 for 2 rods and £15 for 3rods


A 24hr session £25 36hr session £35

and 48hr session £40



Mousehole gets a big thumbs up from me this is a lovely lake and all this work has been done in a year, so credit has to be given to Dave and his family with what he has done to mousehole lakes. And with the things Dave has planed for the complex it can only get better.



All donations Made Go running of the site thank you Kent Fishing


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