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Darenth Big Lake

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Darenth Big Lake



Darenth Big Lake



First impressions on arrival it is very secure as you can see from the high fences in the picture above.There is gate just to the left of the sign you see in the picture which is just as high and with a great big lock on which lets you into the lake car park.Once inside the car park I felt secure Straight away,I then got shown across the foot bridge from the car park into the lake side which made me feel as if i had walked into a different world.Once you are over the bridge you are faced with the rules board so you have no reason not to abide by them.
Rules Of The Lake Are On The Main Website
As you turn from the rules board to your left and you come to the first swim which is called the pad corner which is the swim i first looked at to fish when i first walked round as the wind was blowing south eastly and push straight into the corner.
The whole lake has a type one path way all the way round the lake plus every swim is also got type one in it so no muddy swims or inside your bivvy in the winter on here.Most of the swims have a H frame placed in them so you have a rod rest to stand your marker and spod rod up against when not using them plus there is a little s ring in the middle of the H frame so you can use this to hang your scales on to weight your fish once landed and in the sling.
Every swim is soaced out nicely around the lake and at each end of the lake aswell as in the rule book you have your swim boundaries so you know what water you can fish out of each and every swim while you are on your visit to the lake and can also show someone that is fish the wrong piece of water from their swim.
Most of the river bank and tip and road bank swims are big enough for a bigger bivvy but some of the fence swims are only a brolly swim but every one you can easyly do a night or 48 hour stay in no problem.
On my first walk around the lake I bumped into don the fishery manager who has fished the lakes for years now and he rounded up the lakes to me easyly by saying,"Yes it £600 a year for this lake but brake it down to £15 a week to fish for catfish up to 120lb and 4 low 50 lbers 32 - 40 lbers and lots of 30 lbers " which i found to be a great statement.
There is no secret squiral on this lake everyone i spoke to around the lake was very chatty and helpfull telling me how nice the lake is and how nice the lake is and helpfull other members are to put you on the fish etc.
once i had seen some fish lunking out around the snags and the wise words from don i set myself up in the snags swim put some bait out on the spots i had found thinking they was the spots to be on.I went for another walk around the lake to take some pictures and some filming of the swims and then spoke to more members,
One of which was Tony who had been fishing the lake for the last 33 years from the age of 38 when it was under different owners,He also said you can not find a better lake to fish for the head of fish that is in the lake for the price.He also told me of a tip he had fished few months ago when he hooked into a cat fish and played this fish for a hour and a half and then once he had tied the catfish out he got it to the bank to try and lift it out which was a no go for the him as it was to heavy,He said there was to by standers that fished for the catfish more than carp and they put the weight of the fish at about 120lb which made tony's day to hear but also made up his mind it was being unhooked in the water lol.He also made a statement that in the 33 years of fishing the lake since warren took over the lake by himself 10 years ago all he has done is make the lake and surroundings better and better each year with more big fish and more boundary trees and tidying up the swims.
Right Back To The lake
The lake is surrounded by all different types trees giving the swims cover from the wind and also some of the road noise of the cars on the road bank.There is lots of over hanging trees to fish too on the five islands that are place around the lake plus lots of over hanging tree's around the margins around the lake.
There Is also Lot of other features around the lake if you have not got a island to fish to there is gravel spots, silt beds, snags, blood worm beds, etc. Every swim has something to fish too yes there is some swims that do not really get fished as you can see from the video of the swims but i sure if you plugged away from these swims you would still get fish from them.
There Is two bait companies that are getting used in this lake mainly aswell as other well known companies but the two linked below are known for their great deals for members.
Ace Baits (Also Based On The complex)
Bevos Baits (Based In Higham But Will Deliver To The Main Gate)
Warren is Happy to meet anyone that wishes to walk around the lake complex if you are looking to join up as a member so you can see the complex before signing up on the dotted line.  Also ifyou not got the £600 for a years ticket in one payment Warren has a lay away plan for your membership.Also if you join later in the year you get a cheaper ticket eg.Warren does a winter ticket aswell.
My over all review of this lake is 10/10 I will be getting in tounch soon to get a ticket for myself and will be going back again for sure.
Be Sure To Let Warren Know You Read The Review On Kent Fishing Beofre Thinking About join The syndicate


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